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The Company raised $33 million to invent and develop our elegant, chemical-free LINX technology for total dissolved solids (TDS) reduction.  Our products provide water purification chemical free, using electricity instead of chemicals to practice the important ion exchange process. 

Benefits of LINX Water System Technology

  • Selective removal of contaminants from water, making for healthy drinking water
  • Whole home water purification systems and softened water
  • Water purification systems for valuable industrial products
  • Better wastewater treatment, wastewater recycling, and wastewater reuse
  • Reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus to meet water discharge regulations
  • Lower cost process water treatment

The History Behind Our Water Purification Systems

We maintain 30 patents worldwide, including in the USA and China. We also operate the world’s only LINX membrane and cartridge production line in California’s Silicon Valley, possess comprehensive LINX system product design rules, developed several small-scale water treatment products deployed in the USA, Korea and Italy for safe drinking water, and an in-home medical application.  Over 10,000 small systems have been installed worldwide.

Four years ago, we recognized that LINX system advantages are ideal for many large scale applications, particularly for TDS water reduction in the range of 10-2000 ppm.  This includes producing safe drinking water for small communities which suffer from nitrate or heavy metal contamination, but are not connected to a municipal pre-treatment facility, and for enabling reuse of industrial wastewater or its legal discharge. There are also interesting applications in the food processing industry.  To address these markets, the Company established a subsidiary in Shanghai.  With our USA team, we developed our first large scale LINX 600 system which can treat up to 120 tons (120,000 liters) of water per day.  For larger volumes, multiple systems are installed, or our custom designed LINX 1000 platform is utilized.  In field testing in China, this equipment is proving effective where traditional technologies have struggled. 

The Company has assembled a strong team in California and China with expertise in essential science, engineering, manufacturing and marketing fields.  Our marketing strategy is to collaborate with innovative environmental engineering companies which have the resources and influence to win private and government sponsored projects.  Our unique LINX water system products can be a valuable component in many larger projects to meet customer requirements or reduce cost. In other applications, they can provide a stand-alone solution.

The Company has assembled a powerful team in California and China…

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