In wastewater applications, we will deliver waste water reuse and zero-emissions solutions where other technologies fail.  To provide complete water purification solutions to customer problems, the Company offers traditional water treatment equipment to complement our unique LINX product attributes, when necessary. 

For example, in a lithium battery manufacturer’s wastewater treatment facility our ERIX Volatiles Stripping equipment first separates volatile ammonia from solution for reuse, then passes the dilute output stream to a LINX water system to recover 90% of the waste water for reuse and recycle the ammonia concentrate back to the stripping equipment.  This important zero-emissions process – water reuse and chemical recovery – can also be achieved by coupling LINX systems with other traditional pre-treatment technologies, in particular precipitation.  LINX systems are uniquely suited to this application due to their resistance to fouling and their excellent performance for feed TDS solutions below 1000 ppm.

waste water treatment system


Water Use Industry Segmentation

China’s Industrial Waste Water Market

Experts assume only 30% of industrial waste water is treated today. Industrial waste water discharge is the primary source of N, P, and COD which can devastate rivers and lakes, and cause heavy metal contamination of drinking water.

The Chinese government is strongly enforcing Water Ten Plan regulations and supporting environmentally friendly companies, shutting down polluters.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment Protection estimates the Water Ten Plan will motivate 2 trillion RMB growth in the water treatment industry and 1.4 trillion RMB growth in equipment and services direct investment.

Waste water treatment equipment Capex is growing faster than process water equipment Capex (2015 to 2020): Waste water Capex growth of 31% to 20 billion RMB, and Process water Capex growth of 20% to 26 billion RMB.

The total value of the China wastewater treatment market today is 90 billion RMB/year. 

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