California Rural Community Drinking Water

The State of California is interested in our water purification technology, specifically for reduction of nitrate at well heads in agricultural areas where the ground water is contaminated with nitrate exceeding the maximum level of 10 ppm as nitrogen (N).  There are an estimated 3000 wells in California alone which have dangerous nitrate levels.  Our objective is to install one or more LINX 600 systems at contaminated well sites. They will refill a large tank, providing healthy and safe drinking water to small communities.  This will eliminate the present need for delivery of expensive bottled water to individual homes.

The LINX 600 system will be operated and serviced by ERIX Solutions, with payment based on the volume of water treated.  Reliability will be assured by automated, remote monitoring and control of the system to produce water with the required nitrate reduction.  


China Village Drinking Water

Local water supplies contaminated with nitrate, heavy metals and other contaminants are concentrated in the more densely populated areas of eastern China.  Supply water treatment at the source (groundwater, well-head, river or municipal treatment facility) can provide local communities with safe drinking water at a reasonable cost. 

The LINX membrane, invented and manufactured by ERIX Solutions for exclusive use in LINX water systems, has the following advantages:

  • Selectively removes nitrate and heavy metal
  • Provides excellent water recovery (>80%)
  • Sustains good performance in cold weather
  • Disinfects the water and LINX equipment
  • Can be thoroughly cleaned periodically to restore original performance

Reverse osmosis systems cannot provide these benefits and are therefore inappropriate for this supply water filtration application. 

supply water treatment

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