Market Drivers In China

China’s groundwater quality is poor and deteriorating.  In one recent study, 61% of groundwater tested was rated bad or very bad, increased from 59% from only one year earlier.  Water contamination includes heavy metals and nitrogen compounds which result from agricultural fertilizer run-off, industrial pollution, and landfills.  At the same time, demand for industrial water, and creation of wastewater, is projected to increase 83% over the next 15 years. 

In 2015, the Chinese Central Government implemented the “Water Ten Plan” with specific water quality improvement objectives to be achieved by 2050.  This ambitious program is forecasted to create 1.4 trillion RMB in direct water treatment equipment and services investment.  New technologies are required for both supply water filtration and waste water treatment to meet Water Ten Plan objectives.  LINX water system benefits are ideally suited to help meet China’s environmental goals.   We are focused on two huge markets:  wastewater treatment and supply water filtration for community drinking or industrial use.

China Groundwater Quality
China Water Usage Projection

Massive Market for

Differentiated LINX TDS Reduction Technology

Unique LINX Water System Advantages*

  • Reduction of N, P, heavy metals, COD
  • Enable waste water reuse, zero emissions
  • 10-fold concentration of waste
  • Resistant to fouling by oils, COD, particles
  • Compact equipment for Municipal facility nitrate reduction
  • Selective removal of nitrates, metals, COD
  • Electrical operation – water purification chemical free
  • Best (90%) water recovery
  • Good cold weather performance
  • Original performance after strong acid clean
  • One-step, low cost salt removal from slurries
  • Eliminate the slow diafiltration process
  • Self-disinfecting (log 6 bacterial reduction)
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) with strong acid
  • Electrical operation

* Compared to reverse osmosis (RO)
 and ion exchange (IX) – See Appendix

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