Case Studies

 Changdian Semiconductor Packaging Co., Water Reuse

  • Two LINX 600 systems installed in September 2018 treat 170 tons/day to enable waste water reuse and provide 77% TDS water reduction
  • 100 day operation found no drop in performance at 60 L/minute treating 550 ppm TDS feed solution
  • Selective reduction of key contaminants ammonia (94%) and phosphorus (97%)

 Tongren City, Guizhou:  Manganese Recovery,
Water Reuse

  • Guizhou has rich deposits of many minerals including manganese (Mn) used for battery production, etc.
  • Manganese mining and processing accounts for 40% of GDP of Tongren City, Guizhou
  • From March to August, the rainy season, the volume of Mn wastewater often exceeds mining company wastewater treatment capacities – forcing most companies in the region to close during this 5 month period
  • LINX 600 system selectively removes Mn from pre-treated wastewater – in field test observed 86.5% Mn reduction, vs 63.5% TDS reduction
  • Mn precipitation, followed by LINX 600 system deionization for waste water reuse, and concentrating the remaining Mn for return to pre-treatment can enable companies to work year round

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