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The LINX 600 System

The LINX 600 System is our first Industrial product.  It can treat up to 170 tons of feed water per day.   For larger volumes, multiple LINX 600 systems are configured in parallel and series.  This product is comprised of six LINX cells, four operating in deionization (a coarse cell pair and a polish cell pair), and the third cell pair in regeneration. Cell pairs change roles after a short pre-determined time to provide continuous water treatment at up to 120 L/minute. 

The LINX 600 system is fully automated – it will shut  itself off if conditions warrant it and deliver warnings when conditions may be approaching a problem level. Furthermore, a one hour cleaning process using strong mineral acid is initiated either automatically, or manually as scheduled, to return LINX cells to their original performance if scale or COD has accumulated.  The LINX 600 system can also be operated intermittently to fill a large tank, such as to provide safe drinking water for small communities.  Our next generation product, now in development, is the LINX 1000 platform – a custom designed system comprised of up to 150 LINX cells for very large production volumes.

LINX Technology
LINX Technology
How LINX Technology Works


ERIX Solutions发明了电再生离子交换技术(注册商标是LINX)。公司开发了第一个商用的只使用电力而非化学品来进行离子交换的过程的设备。



How LINX Technology Works
LINX deionization process

作为示范说明,图2以从溶液中去除氯化钠为例。这是一个典型的离子交换过程,过程初始阳离子和阴离子交换材料以酸(H+)和碱(OH )的形式存在。

LINX只使用电力而非化学品的离子交换是在去离子化是施加电压来加速去离子(在电场中离子运动加速)。氯离子在电场驱动下迁移至正极取代OH;而钠离子迁移至负极取代H+。置换下来的OH 和H+ 结合为水,净结果是水的离子化。 

当离子交换材料的吸附交换能力趋近饱和时,如图3所示,系统开始电再生过程。两个电极极性反转,此时水的电离发生在膜中间层的边界处,所产生的酸(H+) 和碱 (OH–) 分别迁移至阳离子和阴离子交换材料重新恢复(H+) 和 (OH–) 的形式。再生过程完成后,下一轮的去离子步骤启动。
LINX Regeneration Process


  • 去除氨氮、磷、重金属和COD
  • 水回用,零排放
  • 10倍以上的浓缩效果
  • 抗油,抗有机物、颗粒物污染
  • 占地面积小,可应用于市政去除硝酸盐
  • 可选择性去除硝酸盐、金属和有机物
  • 只需电力的水净化技术—无需化学品
  • 高水回收率(~90%)
  • 在低温下良好运行
  • 即时清洗可使滤芯性恢复初始性能的状态
  • 粘稠溶液一步可去除盐分,免于使用极慢的双过滤法
  • 系统具有通过电化学过程的消毒杀菌功能(六个对数)


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